Overview of Building Materials & Assemblies

Building Design Profile
  • 1290 square feet first floor, 750 square feet second floor (2040 ft2 total)
  • 2-car garage with storage room, attached via breezeway
  • Site orientation along true north-south for solar gain
  • One bedroom and full bath on first floor
  • Two bedrooms, one study, and full bath on second floor
  • Monolithic concrete slab with hydronic tubing and frost protected details
  • 4" XPS (R-20) under the slab and vertically around perimeter
  • 3" XPS (R-15) horizontal wing insulation
Exterior Framed Walls
  • 9 1/2" deep double stud walls (2x4 framing)
  • Dense pack cellulose insulation (R-35)
  • Structural fiberboard exterior sheathing (R-1)
  • Cement fiber lap siding over continuous air barrier
  • Interior gypsum board over continuous, sealed polyethylene vapor barrier
  • Insulated rim board (R-13) w/3" closed cell foam insulation (R-18) - total R-31
  • Triple pane windows with insulated fiberglass frames (avg overall U-value 0.2)
  • Standing seam metal roof and flashings, prefinished
  • 30# roof felt and ice and water shield over OSB sheathing
  • Engineered trusses with 16" heel height
  • Blown cellulose attic insulation (R-60)
  • Continuous soffit and ridge venting
  • Interior gypsum board ceiling w/continuous, sealed polyethylene vapor barrier
Renewable Energy Systems and HVAC
  • 2 kW grid-tied solar photovoltaic array, roof mounted
  • 16 tube solar thermal array, integrated with domestic hot water and heating
  • Sub-soil heat exchange ground loop to pre-temper ventilation air
  • Heat recovery mechanical ventilation with winter heated air distribution
  • Efficient wood stove
Environmentally Preferable Finishes and Materials
  • Porcelain floor tile (long lasting, low toxicity, low impact material extraction)
  • Floating cork floor (natural material harvested without killing the tree)
  • Formaldehyde -free MDF cabinet interiors (recycled wood fiber, non-toxic)
  • Shetka Stone countertops (recycled, regionally produced product)
  • FSC-certified wood floor (sustainably harvested renewable resource)
  • Low or no-VOC interior paints (low toxicity, no off-gassing)
  • Cellulose insulation (high post-consumer recycled content)
  • Metal roof (recycled content, recyclable)
  • Fiber cement siding (exceptional durability)
  • Reclaimed lumber at porch and interior columns

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